Friday, February 25, 2011

Getting Sidetracked

I have been meaning to post for a while, but I’m continually getting sidetracked. Since my last post, we have had the snowiest winter since I’ve lived in New England. The snow is a great reminder of how God covers our sin (even here in New England). I have also been blessed to see that God is afoot here, with Churches preaching and focusing on the Word of God. (See Jared Wilson, Wes Pastor, and Andy Needham.)

Moving back to my childhood home in Norfolk, MA caused us to change churches. We are now at Emmanuel Baptist Church, my church home since birth, as well as Colleen’s during her teen years. It was in this fellowship we met and married and were blessed to have a pastor and congregation stand with us and pledge to hold us accountable to the Word of God. They did this in more ways than I believe they ever imagined.
Colleen has not worked a day outside the home since our first child was born, not because we knew that we should honor God’s design (See Collin Hansen) but because we agreed in Pre-marital counseling with Pastor Gary Morris that she would.
We were given a foundation of Christ under us and through His Grace that has brought us to several other decisions; owning our own business, homeschooling the children, moving to the farm and the best choice has been to practice family worship daily for the past 7 years (See Joel Beeke's talk at the 2010 Desiring God Pastor's Conference).
When others look at our lives, we hear them say “That’s good for you,” or “If I had time.” We are blessed that the Lord has given us the strength to make some hard decisions, but He would do that for anyone who asks. As new decisions and choices arise, He continues to give us the strength to make God honoring, not easy decisions. I am so thankful that we have not looked for man to pat us on the back for the choices we have made; for man will always fail us.
There have, however, been many along the way that have helped us; our families, Heritage Christian Church, Pastor Ray Pritchard, the CSB family, Calvary Memorial Church and many others. We trust that this list will continue to grow through the years.

We are not bothered that our lives are different that those around us. We are only saddened when we hear fellow believers are upset with their lives or the way their families are turning out, and then they off-handedly condemn us for the way we live.
I am not saying we have it all right; but I will say we have a big God and I love loving Him with my life and with the life of my family.
To hear that the world is falling apart and to have folks come to us because they see something different, gives us joy. It gives us an opportunity to tell them about the difference that God has made in our lives.
We don’t have any big, extravagant, lightning bolt experiences; instead we have simply been plodding Christians (See Kevin DeYoung).
I am grateful that Christ called me His when I was 4, and that my parents showed me His love even when it hurt. I love the Church even though it is fallen (as I am). I find true comfort and peace knowing that as I plod through (sometimes looking very different from those around me) Scripture is my ally and it is only because of the cross that I desire this life to be lived for God’s glory alone.

May Christ’s love unify us to glorify Him; so that they will know we are Christians by our love.

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