Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Christmas Song

There’s a thrill in the air,
There’s a joy in the heart;
There is generous stir
In the home and mart;
For the Yuletide is with us; make ready to greet
The Child of the Manger; lay gifts at His feet.
No time for complaining, For envy or strife;
Let the swift-flying hours
With laughter be rife;
Put by all forebodings, your murmuring cease;
All hail One the cometh, the bringer of Peace!
If, led by false glitter,
You’ve wandered afar, Come back to your loyalty,
Led by the star;
Give up your vain quest and wandering wild,
For the pearl of great price is the Wonderful Child.
Ring out the glad carols,
Old strifes put away;
Deck chapel and church
In His honor today;
Let the great organs tremble with symphonies grand,
And send the glad tidings all over the land.
O sing little children, And sing, young and old;
Though the joy of the Christmas
Can never be told –
But sing and rejoice, with your banners unfurled,
For the Christ that is come is the hope of the world.