Monday, May 7, 2012

Your Calling and Your Critics

Click here for a wonderful article on determining a critic or a counselor from S.D. Smith over at the Rabbit Room.  We all need counselors, even if they are critical, but we can do with less criticism from critics.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Which Vocations Should Be Off Limits To Christians?

From Gene Edward Veith's article on the Gospel Coalition Website:

"So are some occupations off-limits for Christians? No doubt, but it is not always clear what they are. Vocations are unique---that is to say, God calls and equips individuals in distinct and highly particular ways---so they may resist hard and fast and universally applicable rules and moralistic dictates. Since vocation is about God's work as well as human work, it has to do not just with the law but with the gospel; since vocation is where the Christian life is to be led, it will be an expression of Christian freedom."

Monday, March 5, 2012

A Truth is a Truth Always

We Axbergs have a phrase. I must of said it during Family Worship a few years ago. It goes like this, “A truth is the truth from beginning to end”; or it isn’t the truth at all.
Now that we are farming, we are realizing the truth of this statement. As we care for our flocks and herds, and tend our gardens, we hear God telling us to love one another and care for those around us.

We have been convicted to give the first fruits of our produce and meats, eggs and such back to the Lord in several different ways. We have found that people love good food. I think this is consistent with scripture. We are to be giving our children, mentors and fellow congregants (friends) good food (The Gospel) for a better life in Christ.
On the other hand, I can remember eating my first egg from one of our laying hens. I was tentative because it wasn’t what I thought to be normal or possibly even safe. I got over it very quickly as I cracked it open and saw that yoke standing straight up as yellow as could be and not watery at all. How could I have been so crazy as to have thought that this was somehow dangerous or not the better way to eat?
After eggs, we raised some meat chickens and again I was tentative on eating the meat. I wasn’t sure if this was truly safe or the best way to put food on the table. I knew other folks raised their own food, but could this truly be best for my family?
Well we did it, and most of what we place on the table has been raised on this land by our family. We feel even better than before.
This has helped me to come to the conclusion that we in the evangelical church today may have things that have been done one way for as long as we can remember. Could there be a “better way”? If we have been blessed and shown a better way might we need to be patient with those who have not?
One huge difference for us has been family devotions. We have found this way more effective than any Sunday school program. As our taste for “good” food has been heightened, maybe our way of life in the physical and spiritual realm could be desired by those around us. If I am patient with all this, I may even get Colleen to try the beef tongue someday.