Thursday, July 29, 2010

Open Bar Politics

OK, here we go again. I just had my class reunion adviser ask if we should pay $25.00 for dinner or $30.00 for dinner and an open bar for the first hour. All in all this seams Ok, for we will possibly cause people to come to the reunion early or on time. But, in reality people are going to come when they come. Now the open bar is going to cater to those who feel they need to drink their allotted amount or more to make the extra $5.00 worth it. I know, most likely they will not remember or even think about the $5.00 again. Many won’t even know there was an option. The hall will then pocket the $5.00 and be happy to have made the extra $. With all that said, let’s think about the extra $. It is to be for each of the attendees to have a couple of drinks before the dinner and festivities begin, right?
I personally love a good Guinness or strong stout brew but know they most likely will not have these at the function because they usually only have some kind of watered down, over fermented pilsner (ale). On the other hand, you can go for a hard drink that will get you tipsy quick. All in all the hall is making money. If they didn’t, they would not be in business.
I will be bringing my wife with me and that means we will be paying $10.00 for two watered down Pilsners that I could have purchased from the bar for $5.00. I, in turn am either fronting for someone else’s drinking habits or putting more money in the establishment’s pocket. Hey, I would be more willing to have one of my classmates ask me to buy them that drink with my $5.00. This way, they can keep up their buzz. Then at least they know where it is coming from and will have the guts enough to admit they have a possible drinking problem. I may then have an opportunity to help them to curb their habitual binges.
What is next, health care for all?
Just my $.02.

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