Thursday, June 10, 2010

For Business Education – Know yourself

Many business failures and failures in life are cause by lack of knowledge in yourself and how you will adapt to the ups and downs of business life. To put it another way, there are men who are ditch diggers that would have been better suited for a profession such as, lawyer, doctor or other professional. In contrast there have been a lot of doctors and lawyers that should have been farmers, laborers or the aforementioned ditch digger.

One of the essentials in starting out in life is being properly educated for the profession you naturally bend to.

The public education system is not always the best system to be used in this evaluation. There are many different options out there; from home schooling to technical and agricultural schools. If parents are open to the possibilities of looking for these alternatives, they may better equip their children.

Consulting the inclinations and adaptations of the youth should be of the utmost importance. We ought not to rely on others before careful consideration has been given to the youth. Success or failure generally hinges on a proper choice of vocation.

One way to accomplish this may be something most people have set aside as archaic: Apprenticeship. The old method of apprenticeship is to try out a profession before spending thousands of dollars on education for something that may never be used. Are you doing the thing you went to school to do? I am not… Here is an idea, go show someone how to do what you do, or go find someone to show you what they do. This just may foster the direction and confidence the next generation needs to find that success.

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